Monday, January 7, 2008

time is only but an unraveling of his grace...

I feel like I'm performing an illegal sort of operation. I mean why not write on my other blog...well whatever


I'm realizing how much about my faith comes down to choosing to believe. Been reading James(of the bible fame) and there are many challenging things in that particular book. one big one for me is a phrase v5 in chapter one 'believe and not doubt'
So guess what,I have to choose , boy-oh-by ,this doesnt come easy for me. More often than not I wish God could zap me with extraordinary faith...and all the other good stuff , you know dispatch expeditiously tthe things that would make me...better?
Its hard , and a small voice huko in the brain asks what kind of defense is that against a world that needs convincing that the God of Israel is one God.But I have to choose, i must choose, cause if I dont what exactly would I be saying about the faith I profess.

and so now I just want to proclaim that God is good. He puts up with me, I am yet to even comprehend the depths of his love for me, but I must profess that he will, he will not desert me as long as I set my eyes on him. If I seek I will find him. He has saved me, from pain, from hurt, from lies, from the world and he offers me soo much, if only I would let him. He's already shown me the beauty of lives surrendered to him and that is what I now desire.
I desire a life surrendered to him .
I pray that my focus will not be on what he has done for others but will be fully trained on what he desires.
I pray that he would teach me how to be still, how to abide in his love, and not worry about the whats and ifs. God, take my life and use it, for whatever you please, break and mould me.
I could go on, but Ive gotten to the point where i'm wondering if I should have put this post up,so let me stop there.

I pray that for whoever who reads this , that God will just give you peace and freedom and that you'll trully know him.

As for kenya...what to say, every valley shall be exalted.